WordPress 5.2 is here!

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WordPress 5.2 comes with a score of new features keeping in line with WordPress’ mission of democratizing publishing and accessible software. It has exciting new features including block editor updates, new filters and functions, improved Accessibility and Privacy Policy pages, 228 bug fixes, 59 enhancements, 3 feature requests and lots more, especially for developers!

We have been following the developments and bring you a brief roundup of the features below.

Fatal Error Protection

The new recovery mode features let administrators fix fatal errors without modifying codebase or using developer support. WordPress will send a mail with a link to the admin, whenever a fatal error occurs. The link is used for logging into the recovery mode. The user will be informed what the errors exactly are and which plugins or themes are paused. The user can modify or undo changes that caused the error in their preferred way by fixing the problem on their own or raising a support ticket.

Site Health Check

Two new pages included under the Tools menu as Site Health provide admin user interface to service and debug common configuration issues.

The Site Health Status page will run a series of tests on the users’ site and classify results as critical, recommended and good. It provides links to the relevant area of dashboard, so that the user can improve on the settings.

The Site Health Info page is for debugging purposes. Plugins and themes can add their own entries to this page by using filters.

Accessibility Updates

WordPress-5.2 Update - Codesquad

5.2 has made improvements to accessibility features to help assistive technologies. These include improvements to markup for Admin tabs, post formats in list tables and Admin Bar submenu link markup.

To avoid future CSS incompatibilities, you’ll have to update any plugin or themes that use the same markup as Core.

Block Editor Updates

5.2 brings new features and improvements to the block editor (Gutenberg) introduced in WordPress 5.0.

Block Management Tool displays all the available blocks on your site and allows you to hide, enable, disable blocks from the block inserter according to your usage.

New Blocks have been introduced like RSS, Amazon kindle embed, Focal point Picker.

Performance improvements in 5.2 will significantly reduce keypress and load time making it feel faster while typing and editing lengthier blog posts.

Privacy Policy Page Enhancements

Four new developer-focused features have been introduced to make Privacy Policy Page designing and customization much easier.

Data Exports

User Data Export tag restrictions have been relaxed. They will now use a default list of allowed tags instead of the previous hardcoded one.

The above list gives you a glimpse of the major new features in 5.2. There are many more enhancements and tasks that are fixed in 5.2.

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