Why do medical professionals need websites?

For a long time, medical professionals relied on referrals from colleagues and “word of mouth” from existing patients. Advertising was seen as a desperate measure. Though still in use, this strategy is becoming less and less effective and sustainable for medical practices. For new medical professionals setting up their practice, having an online presence has become as important as the location of their medical practice. With internet reach being what it is today, more and more people research on the Internet before they decide to book an appointment with a doctor.

But what about established medical professionals whose appointment schedules are already filled with referral patients? Do they need a website? The answer is a resounding YES. We will tell you here why a website designed for optimal utilization and in accordance with the advertising guidelines of the National Law is important for new as well as established medical professionals, and individual professionals as well as medical facilities.

An online presence lends credibility to your practice

Patients will research you even if you have been referred by an existing patient or another professional. A professional website adds to your reputation and shows that you are up to date with the latest medical technologies as well as online marketing best practices.

Connect to online healthcare services search apps

You can register your website with online healthcare marketplaces. They function like an online directory of healthcare professionals, where patients can easily find you and book appointments too, improving traffic to your site and increasing patient conversion rates.

Increase your visibility

If you are not online, people will not be able to find or learn about you when they search the internet for you specifically or for professionals in your area of expertise.

Online marketing is inexpensive

A good website along with a strong social media presence is a much inexpensive method of advertising than traditional methods like TV or print media.

Your website is available after business hours

Your website is working for you 24/7. So, anyone can look up your website at any time to find information about you and your practice, without waiting for phone calls to be answered.

Multiple channels for new patients

With rapid changes happening in healthcare, relying on a single channel or traditional methods for new patients may not be enough to grow and sustain your practice.

Increase appointments

You can increase your appointment bookings with features like Request an appointment, new patient registration etc. on your website. This also helps in reducing waiting time for patients leading to enhanced patient experience.

Medical professionals websites - Codesquad

Measure your ROI

There are analytical tools available to help you easily track the traffic coming to your website, user behaviour once they are on your site and how many of your potential patients got converted into actual patients.

Medical professionals websites - Codesquad

Improve operational efficiency

Having a website with FAQ about your practice and features like request appointments, registration forms, prescription requests, medical records request, emergency appointments/contacts, billing information etc. Help in reducing administrative costs and add to overall operational efficiency of your office.

Medical professionals websites - Codesquad

Stay ahead of the competition

As much as you may not like it, the fact is that online marketing is essential for any kind of business and will remain so in the unforeseeable future. With more and more medical professionals getting websites and social media accounts, you can’t afford to stay away from the net.

Get a professional web services provider to design your website for you. Talk to us today to get a great website designed in accordance with the Medical Board of Australia’s Guidelines for Advertising of Regulated Health Services. Contact us at 1300 790 166 or email us at squad@codesquad.com.au.

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