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How important is e-commerce for your business?

In today’s highly competitive market your own e-commerce platform can be a game changer for you against your competitor. It’s the best marketing tool for your business, increasing your marketing reach and visibility for your brand, helping you to grow your product range and target audience as you scale up your business. All the while helping your customers to shop in comfort and convenience.

Getting started

Choosing the right e-commerce platform is crucial and depends on the needs of your business. Shopify and WooCommerce are the top platforms in the world. We work on both of them comfortably, but here is a quick fact check to help in choosing the right one for you.



Is an all-in-one platform where you can create an online store, make transactions and manage inventory without worrying about technical aspects of managing a website.Is a plugin created for WordPress and is open-source, giving you more control over the technical aspects of and flexibility to customize every aspect of your store.
Great visual quality designs available, more than 50 with 10+ free. The price tag on premium designs can be quite high.Built to cooperate with most themes on the market, giving you thousands of design options.
Closed platform – modification allowed to the extent that Shopify allows.Open Source – No limitations on customization.
Shopify controls your data.Control your own data.
Cost of Set – up
Hosting and domain name included in the cost of set-up.No hosting and domain name included.
Conventional pricing structure.Technically cheaper, but requires more work to set up.
Payment methods
Accept payments via PayPal, multiple payment gateways (including Stripe, credit cards), bank deposits, cash on delivery, and other methods.Accept payments via PayPal, Stripe, checks, bank transfers, cash on delivery.
Ease of Use
Ease of use – Initial signup and setup is easier.Initial set up requires some level of comfort around web-related use. Once setup is done both are similar and easy to use.
Add-ons and integrations
Harder to customize add-ons and integrations.Easier to customize add-ons and integrations.


These are the basic differences. Both have similar aspects too like mobile friendly structure, selling an unlimited number of products, option of sales stats and reports, etc.

Both platforms have their own pros and cons depending on the scale and requirements of your business.

You may want to go with Shopify if you:

• Are a small store/start-up creating your online store.
• Don’t want to deal with any of the set-up and willing to pay a fee for the same.
• Prefer simplicity over customization as modifications can be costly and difficult to integrate.



WooCommerce would be a better option for your business if you:

• Are a larger store.
• Want to be in full control of your store.
• Prefer setting things up on your own or have hired resources to do the same.
• Prefer customization and functionalities over simplicity and ease of set up.


Set-up right away

Now that you have decided on the right platform, what next? Get Codesquad help on setting up your store from the word go. We manage your store end to end from set-up, updating your store with add-ons, manage traffic, customer support, maintenance and technical support.
Still not sure which one to choose or where to begin? Talk to us and get help on setting up. Please complete the form to know more.

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