Rum e-commerce site

Consulting, Coding, Design, E-commerce

The Brief

Our client, a boutique distiller of Rum products, had an old e-commerce site that was built on a clunky and hard to manage web platform.

They wanted social integration, a custom payment gateway and better courier integration based on weight and location.

The plan was to build a better store that would improve the customer experience and betetr promote their products.

Rum Cocktail Glasses with Bowl of Lime Wedges
Group of Women and Man Drinking Rum
Rum Barrels Outside Building

About this project

The client was keen to manage the site themselves so we felt that Woo Commerce would be a great backend to use. Woo is a very flexible shopping cart that has a wealth of handy features to make the shopping experience snappy and easy to navigate.

Woo is one of the few platforms that has a large community of developers constantly expanding and improving on its features.

We were able to use a custom module that linked directly into the customer’s preferred banking solution to assist with streamlining accounting and inventory management.

You can visit The Illegal Tender Rum Co here

Can't recommend these guys enough! From the get go they were on the pulse of what we needed! They achieved everything we wanted and their service was incredible! Highly recommend.

Codie Palmer Illegal Tender Rum Co