Personnel Solution

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The Brief

Our client, a major national personnel agency needed a solution to upload recruitment data from multiple sources including, web databases and Excel spreadsheets. The solution had to collate the data and short list applicants based on qualifications and experience.

Working with multiple data sources is always challenging. A comma out of place or a missing field can seriously impact a data import. This is magnified when you are working with thousands of lines of data on a daily basis.

We had to design a full proof system that could identify data discrepancies and not slow down the data processing to turbocharge the importing of thousands of job applicants at a time.

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About this project

This was a classic database project. Working with large amounts of data while ensuring accuracy in processing.

We supplied a project manager and a small team of dedicated database specialists and a data integrity tester to fully reconcile that what went in came out the other end!

It is really satisfying to move a company from a highly manual work process to an automated, streamlined solution.

Thanks to the Codesquad team we have been able to streamline our operations and save literally dozens of staffing hours per day. We won a major contract from a large mining company and couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

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