Patisserie Shop

Design, Website

The Brief

Our client, a leading retailer / wholesaler of delightful patisseries, wanted a simple but elegant website to let people know where they were and to showcase some of their amazing cakes.

Man Holding Cupcakes on Tray in a Cafe
Women Holding a Cupcake
Women Grabbing Cake Out of Display in Shop

About this project

Now, needless to say the team had to do some in depth research that consisted of eating a lot of cakes. The fact that the client had a seemingly unending variety of tasty patisseries failed to daunt our intrepid team!

Several kilos later Mozart’s Patisseries have a new website.

You can visit Mozart’s Patisserie here

Whoever said that web development doesn't have any cool perks was dead wrong!

Tim Renolds Chief Software Architect