Cosmetic Clinic

Consulting, Coding, Design, E-commerce

The Brief

Our client, a prominent Perth medical cosmetic clinic, needed a fresh “facelift” for their site and a vast improvment on the web traffic they were receiving. They also wanted to sell gift vouchers and other products online.

A review of their site found that the site had not been optimized correctly by a prevous company. As the site was not technically correct the site was failing to comply with the basic requirements of key search engines like Google and Bing.

Further, there were inconsistencies on the way the site was rendering between the various mobile platforms.

Close Up of Women with Makeup On and Hands on Face
Women with Makeup and Curly Hair Posing
Women's Face and Hand on White Background

About this project

We went back to basics and rebuilt the site from scratch with a focus on a lean framework to improve the site speed and mobile presentation.

Our marketing team were able to save the client 50% against their Pay Per Click budget and improve the overall click through rate at the same time.

Aesthetics are important for a this type of business so we worked closely with the management team to get the right look they were looking for.

It was an enjoyable project to work on and a member of our team was able to get their frown lines fixed at the same time 🙂

No request was too much for Daniel and his team. The money we saved on our pay per click campaign actually completely offset the cost of the new development. My team were blown away by their professionalism. I was also impressed by the hours they keep - I was able to get support in the evenings and on weekends.

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