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Google My Business is a free tool that helps business owners to manage their online presence across the Google suite of websites including Google Search, Google Maps, Mobile Search, Local Search. That includes adding your business name, verifying and editing your business listing in Google. It allows monitoring and replying to customer reviews; adding photos; learning where and how people are searching for you, and more.



Why should you have one

When you are looking for a local business that’ll repair your Mobile, sell an event ticket or bake a unicorn -themed cake for your kid’s birthday — how do you find it?

You google it or look into your favorite search engine for online research, of course.

Your customers also do the same. When they’re looking for a repair service, restaurant or a product similar to what your local business sells, they go online to find it.

Research shows that when people search for a product or service near them, they’re usually very close to making a purchase. 50% of consumers who do a local search on their smart phone visit a store within a day. Similarly, its 34% of consumers who searched on a desktop computer or tablet.



What SEO advantages does it give you

A strong local SEO is essential to driving more people to your store, whether you have one or multiple storefronts.

When you’re getting started with local SEO, your Google My Business listing is the right place to begin your early efforts.

Consistent and accurate local listings are one of the factors Google considers when determining what sites to rank top in search results.

Google wants to give searchers with the best and most accurate information, and it looks for businesses that have a consistent presence across the web, which includes local citations like listings and review sites. So, it’s the information about your business that moves you up on the search results when people use Google. It is important that this information is as accurate, complete, and optimized as possible wherever its being used.



Where and How to get started

Setting up Google My Business is free, visit Google My Business, and click ‘Start Now’
Create your Google My Business listing to provide readers with your NAP, store hours, unique store descriptions, parking/transit information, promotions, reviews from your customers, and more.


Drive more business from local searches

Get Codesquad help to manage your Google My Business listing. We’ll build, maintainand update your Google My Business with any special hours, offers, and promotions you provide, ultimately driving more calls, visits, and traffic to your business. Also, we’ll monitor your customer reviews and help you stay on top of your online reputation and consumers’ perception of your business. Do you want more traffic?? talk to us today. Please complete the form to know more.

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