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WordPress SEO in 5 Minutes – How to Improve Mobile Site Speed?

Most users never go beyond the first page of the search results, with the top three results getting the maximum clicks at around 60%. Optimisation mistakes hurt rankings and conversion rates. Therefore, it is crucial that your site is SEO compliant. SEO compliance is all about showing search engines a website that is built to the same standards that they have identified as “best practice”.

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How to Optimise a Google My Business Listing

Google My Business (GMB) is an amazing tool, especially for local SEO. Google My Business Profile highlights the best features of your business and enables potential consumers to quickly find, know about and engage with you. You’ve created a GMB profile and are still wondering why it’s not showing up in the Google local pack? As with your website, you need to optimise your GMB profile to unlock its real powers. Our SEO and branding team in Perth tells you why you need to optimise your business profile and how to do it.

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WordPress SEO in 5 Minutes – What is a Canonical URL

Did you know that having multiple URLs for the same web page can affect your SEO ranking negatively? This happens because search engine crawlers read each URL as unique and they can’t recognise which is the genuine link. You can solve this complication by making your preferred URL a canonical URL. Let’s understand more about it in this article by our SEO and branding agency in Perth.

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WordPress SEO in 5 Minutes – What is Mobile SEO?

Smartphones are now an irreplaceable part of life. The majority of people carry their mobile phones with them 24/7. Since the number of people using their smartphones for online searching has increased exponentially, mobile optimisation has also become critical. Let's understand more about what mobile SEO is, its importance and the best practices for mobile optimisation from this article brought by our SEO team in Perth.

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WordPress SEO in 5 Minutes – What is a Redirect?

It is just what its name denotes – a way to redirect a search engine or browser from one URL to another. In technical terms, a redirect is an HTTP Status code in charge of directing the search engine from one URL to another URL located in the same domain or different domain. It tells crawlers to go to another location, either temporarily or permanently, to visit a particular page.

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